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The following is a listing of most of the popular trading systems. This is a list of the trading systems that Futures Truth Magazine monitors. Please visit their website to obtain performance records of these particular trading systems.

Note that markets listed that are preceded by a * are daytraded. For a key to the markets tracked abbreviations, follow the link to open the abbreviations table in a seperate window. Links were provided to system vendor websites where possible. Futures Truth is not responsible for the content on those sites.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the systems we track, you MUST contact the vendor.  You cannot purchase the systems through us. 

The most up-to-date contact information is printed in EVERY issue of Futures Truth Magazine,
in our complete vendor index. 
Please refer to the most current issue for more contact information on any particular vendor.

Systems M - Z
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Sys# System Name Markets Tracked System Vendor
266 Magnet SP Alfaranda CTA
428 Magnitude SP* Founder Trading
336 Mark923 SP Brian Thompson
384 Market Direction TY, SF, EU, CN, JY, GC, CL, KC Giles Korznecki
203 Market Mapping SP, US Lee Gettess
383 MarketRider DX, EU, BP, SF, JY Parviz Hamedanian
321 MESA Bonds US John Ehlers/Mike Barna
435 MESA T-Notes TY John Ehlers/Mike Barna
412 MESA Max *SP John Ehlers/Mike Barna
104 Mike Culler System SF, JY Mike Culler
280 Millenium 2000 HU, EU, LC, MB, CT, KC, JY Randy Stuckey
31 Miracle Trading Mthd. PB, SP, SD, US R. C. Allen
369 MoneyGrabber - LT SP, ND Tom Peetoom
368 MoneyGrabber - ST *SP, *ND Tom Peetoom
322 Moving Average Reversal CT, US, KC, GC, JY, EU, CL S. L. Pee & M. H. Pee
360 Mr. Jones DJ Prophet Software
34 Murlantic Cattle Method LC Mrs. M. Sanderford
338 NasDoc ND Chuck Tannenbaum
204 NCR US Josepth Stowell
26 Night & Day Daytrading *SP Joe Bristor
378 Octane *SP Keener Capital Management
305 ONIX ND,SP Alfaranda CTA
65 Parabolic Stop EU, PL, TB, SD Welles Wilder
440 Pegasus CN, HO, CL, JY, CT, KC, EU, TY Petros Development Corp.
304 Pendulum SP Stafford Trading Co.
231 Prism Growth SP Mark Keating
231 Profit Quest DX ProfitQuest Systems
102a PULSAR Imp. Pattern US, SP Joe Duffy
102b PULSAR Volatility US, SP Joe Duffy
42 QUAD SP, US Joe Bristor
414 Queen *SP Joe Krutsinger
187 R-Breaker *SP Rich Saidenberg
186 R-Levels *SP Rich Saidenberg
268 R-Mesa 3 *SP John Ehlers/Mike Barna
411 R-Mesa 5 *SP John Ehlers/Mike Barna
340 Ready-Set-Go US, NG, EU, SV, SM, CT, LH, KC longtermtrading.com
243 Reload US, NG, BP, KC, SF, JY Keith Fitschen
123 Reverse Trend Entry LC Troy Staman
443 Rumba *SP, *ND, *RL, *MD Dance With the Markets
436 S&P Day *SP eForex Ltd.
359 S&P Manager SP Prophet Software
351 Sailor SP, ES Alfaranda CTA
377 SAM S&P Daytrader *SP Shaffer Asset Management
417 Samba EU, KC, TY, JY, ED, NG, CL, MR Dance With the Markets
105 Scooter KC, JY, US, CL, CP Robert Dennis, Jr.
114 Second  Income *SP Gila Brock
248 Sentive Yen System JY Sentive Trading Co.
297 Serendipity US Charles LeBeau
430 Shockwave *SP

Keener Capital Management

373 Shogun *SP Richard Yom
298 Sidewinder US Charles LeBeau
255 Sierra Hotel JY, KC, SF, EU, BP, US, SD John Ehlers/Mike Barna
188 Single Variable Reflex SP Nick Koulajain
232 SP \ U SP Financial Facilitators
413 SP500 MD *SP Giles Korzenecki
334 STAT RR, JY, CL, DX, SF, TY, EU Randy Stuckey
335 STAT-Constant RR, JY, CL, DX, SF, TY, EU Randy Stuckey
410 Statmirror SP, ND Piotr Michalak
258 STC S&P DayTrade *SP Stafford Trading Co.
347 STO-X BP, KC, CT, EU, JY, SF, US David McLarney
335 Strategic SF Charles LeBeau
140 Support/Resistance *SP Walter Studnicki
84 Swing Index System SF, SP, CL, SD Welles Wilder
358 Swiss Banker SF Prophet Software
374 Synergy SF, EU, CL, NG, DX, NK, US, JY Strategic Trading Systems
418 Tango SP Dance With the Markets
139 T-Bonds Day_Trade *US Walter Studnicki
251 TBond 2000 *US David Wright
242 The Big Blue *SP Vilar Kelly
196 The Mystery System JY, SF, KC, BP, EU PWA Futures
309 Theta JY, KC, SF, CL, US, KW Scot Lowry
97 Time-Trend III SP Gerald Appel
228 Top Ten System JY, KC, SF, SU, TY, CT, BP Taruas Trading
93 Trader's Profit Motive SP Traders Software
299 Trend One SF, EU, JY, US, KC PWA Futures
292 Trendchannel JY, EU, TY Scientific Trading Solutions
17 Trender SP, US, SF Walter Studnicki
387 Tuition-LT US, EU, TY, SF, JY, LB, CN, CL Skyline Computers
293 Turnkey US, JY, YX, *SP Chuck Hughes
249 Turtle Trading System JY, US, BP, CL, KC, CP Michael Dillon
426 Tzar DJ, ND, SP, RL Alfaranda CTA
356 US Banker DX Prophet Software
323 Ultimate Trading Device I JY, EU S. L. Pee & M. H. Pee
324 Ultimate Trading Device II ED, JY, BP, US, SF, EU S. L. Pee & M. H. Pee
133 Universal SD, KC, US, JY, BP, ED Stafford Trading Co.
199 Universal LT JY, US, ED, CP, CL, BP Stafford Trading Co.
356 U.S. Banker DX Prophet Software
308 US One US Giles Korznecki
291 Vega SP Eric Maeder & Richard Best
85 Volatility ED, EU, CP, GC Welles Wilder
59 VOLPAT *SP Lee Gettess
126 Watch and Wait KC ,PB, US, GC, JY Ralph Vince
339 Waverider US, NG, EU, SV, SM, CT, LH, KC longtermtrading.com
318 Weaver SD, TY, CL, SF, JY, HO, SU Alfaranda CTA
316 Weaver-DT ND* Alfaranda CTA
319 Weaver-MT NG, SF, JY, CL, TY, US, BP Alfaranda CTA
317 Weaver-ST SP* Alfaranda CTA
444 Wildcard SP Ionian Perspectives, LLC
262 William Tell Bonds US Erik Been
267 XS Bonds US Emil Van Essen
434 Xtreme ND Peter Zwag
367 Zeeport *ND, *SP Alfaranda CTA
233 Zenith* 1000 SP Ron Thieme

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