Futures Trading Systems

There have been many Futures Trading Systems created over the last 20 years, mainly due to the advancement in technology. Back Testing sotware programs like TradeStation and MetaStock have given many the desire to find the Holy Grail system. Many feel they have created the ultimate trading system due to the extraordinary returns over the last 5 years...hypothetical returns that is! So, how do you find a system that will produce a profit year after year? Good question. The answer, in reality, is that you don't know what a trading system will do in the future. The best research is to see what it has done in the past - in actual trading.

We recommend being very careful when choosing a futures trading system. Many will advertise their hypothetical results, which seem to good to be true. We actually had someone contact us who said his trading system generated returns over 100% monthly! At that rate, he would be the richest person in the world in a few years. Therefore, be skeptical and try to research as much as you can on the theory of the system and actual trading results. Futures Truth does alot of testing on Futures Trading Systems. They place hypothetical trades everytime the system generates a signal. They keep track of the trading results and compare to other systems. That may be the closest you can get to independent results on futures trading systems.

Advanced Systems, Inc. - Company focus is developing trading methodologies for futures and options markets. The most widely known product is the ANTICIPATION trading system.

Petros Development Corp - Andromeda & Pegasus Trading Systems.

Advanced Trading Systems Inc. - "ATS" is a developer of Long Term Trading Systems. The company licenses 2 trading systems, the ATS-3200 and the ATS-6400, to individual traders for non commercial use only.

BLUE WAVE TRADING - BWT Zones SP Trading System is currently one of the the Top 10 best performing SP Day trading systems as ranked and audited by www.futurestruth.com.

Clayburg.com - Cyclone System - Rated as one of the Top 10 Day Trading Systems of All Time.

CreativeTradingSystems.com - All our systems are end of day trading, providing orders to be placed the next day and provide a relaxed way of trading, not requiring realtime monitoring of positions.

Daytrader Futures - SPARTAN Trading System. This system mechanically swing trades S&P eMini futures.

Dollar Trader - Currency Trading Program.

eMarCoSoft - Numerous Trading Systems across many commodity markets.

longtermtrading.com - Advanced, Long-Term Commodity Trading Systems and Portfolio Analysis/Money Management Tools.

Stafford Trading - Universal consist of two independent systems, a Long-Term and a Short-Term system for greater diversification. Second, a daytrade system designed to produce profits from the S&P 500 Index market.

Taurus Corporation - We have various system approaches to cover all market activity. Trend Reversal, Trend Following, Short Term and Long Term.

TradeMaid Systems - specialize in 100% mechanical intra day and short term trading systems for the , Russell 2000, S&P 500 and S&P Midcap markets.

Traders Software Company - the developer of the ETS Trading SystemŽ Software, a mechanical trading system that has been top-ranked by the Futures Truth Company.

Strategic Trading Systems - Fusion, Synergy, Checkmate and Interplay are all fully automated multi-market commodity trading systems. They are all non-optimized, they trade every market with identical rules and parameters, this helps avoid the problems associated with optimizing and curve fitting. The systems are also successful across a large range of commodities.

TradingVisions Systems - completely mechanical trading systems: long-term multi-commodity, swing-trading index, Forex, and daytrading index.

Trendchannel.com - Long Term Systematic Trend Following and the Model Portfolio.

Waldock's System Signals - Son of Jack Waldock, co-founded Lind- Waldock & Co. in 1965 has created a few trading systems.




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