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Most futures traders who trade through an Online Futures Broker or Discount Broker tend to make their own trading decisions. They do their own research and maybe develop their own trading systems. We know how important it is to have readily available research on the Commodity and Futures Markets.

We have included below the best resources for futures traders. Many of the resources are free. The research includes both fundamental and technical analysis. There is also an emphasis on short term trading, which is typical in trading commodity futures.

commodity futures search

More than 1,000 Commodity and Futures webpages that have been hand-selected and reviewed in this search engine for Commodities and Futures Traders. This Commodity Search Engine is from CommodityFuturesSearch.com - in co-operation with Google, they have created a great tool to help commodity traders quickly find the research they seek.

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This Commodities website probably has more in-depth coverage of commodities than any other site. They have futures and commodities market commentary from many of the top traders and analysts. There are quotes, charts and in-depth fundamental data on each commodity. You will find statistics on commodities and countries in an abundant and organized manner. There are also many news sources on commodities from around the world.

This site has many resources for futures traders, mainly daily and weekly research and commentary on the futures markets. Futuresbuzz also has alot of information on the fundamentals of each commodity market. They also have seasonal cahrts, long-term charts, contract specs and information on futures brokers.

Commodity Brokers
This site is a vast resource for researching commodity brokers. They include more than 750 profiles of commodity brokers, including a description of the commodity broker, website and contact information and regulatory history of each commodity broker.

LBR Group
The webite of Market Wizard - Linda Bradford Raschke of LBR Group. This is an excellent site for those interested in technical analysis of the futures markets and sometimes individual stocks. Linda Bradford Raschke is considered as one of the best traders in the business. She has an expertise for short-term trading, especially day trading the S&P. You will find Charts of trades they have done or are watching. They normally give an explanation of the setup and what to expect. We consider this information a priceless education as well as having the benefit of using this research for your daily trading. No matter how much you think you know about trading, you will learn alot from using this site. We highly recommend.

This site offers many useful articles on trading. Many of the articles are from legendary traders many years ago. Many of their theories and and trading techniques hold true today. They also have other more current articles from many popular traders of today. This is a good resource for traders of all disciplines.




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