How to Choose an Online Discount Futures Broker

Below are a number of articles that provide guidance on how to find and choose an online futures broker, along with some broker reviews. Some articles also deal with full service commodity brokers, which gives you a better idea of how the futures brokerage industry works. The articles are written by Chuck Kowalski at About.com - Commodities. He has more than 15 years experience in the futures markets as an active trader, broker and analyst.

Online Commodity Broker Or Full Service Commodity Broker?
Does a full service commodity broker have an advantage over an online commodity broker? Or, are the lower commission rates with an online commodity broker such a large factor that the savings on commissions far outweigh the benefits of using a full service commodity broker?

Commodity Brokers and Commission Rates
Commodity brokers charge commissions per trade to their clients. How much should you pay a commodity broker in commissions? There are also ways to negotiate your commission rates.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Hiring a Commodity Broker
Most new Commodity Investors will find it beneficial to hire a full service commodity broker to help with their trading education and chance to make profits.

Review of Online Futures Broker Generic Trade
This is an online futures broker that offers very low rates with no contingencies. That means there are no account minimums and you don't have to make a certain amount of trades to get their stated commission rate.

Interactive Brokers Review and Profile
A review of Interactive Brokers where the focus is on the online futures broker part of their business. Low commission rates is their main draw and they are one of the most popular futures brokers

TradeStation Securities Review and Profile
Review of TradeStation Securities, which is an online futures broker that executes trades on futures, stocks and options.

ExpressFutures.com Review and Profile
A review of ExpressFutures.com. This company is an online futures broker. We examine their commission rates, trading platforms, research and the overall quality of this futures broker to report to our readers.

Commodity Brokers - Searching For A Commodity Broker
You will need to search for a commodity broker once you decide to start trading commodities. I have outlined the best places to search for commodities brokers and what to look for.

Avoid the High Pressure Sales Pitch From a Commodity Broker
Some commodity brokers will use a high pressure sales pitch to get prospective commodity traders to open an account. You should recognize the signs and avoid these commodity brokers.

What Clients Expect From Commodity Brokers and What Happens in Reality
Commodity brokers are expected to make money for their clients. What should commodity traders expect from their commodity broker? And how do commodity brokers help their clients - in reality?




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